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Agujero Azul

Only 50 meters from “Playa Chica” starts a reef edge, where a variety of barracudas stands in the light flow. The entrance of the breach is located in 22 meters depth and measures 7 meters wide. When passing you meet two groupers which liked to be photographed. Following the reef you can enjoy a nice view on two small caves. You can meet with morays, trumpet fish and enormous amounts of sandeels. Pay attention! – Boat traffic!

Barranco del Quiquere

After a bit difficult descent you can find three old fishing boats in a depth between 22 and 27 meters. Here you can see a lot of swarm fish for example sardines and bogues. On the sand areas around the wrecks often lie stingrays and angelsharks.

Charco del Palo

This dive site lies in the northeast of Lanzarote and is offered – like all other sites in the north – as a day trip. The entry and exit takes place via two permanently installed swim ladders. Right in the flat area a small cave is expecting you, which you can leave though out a little tunnel. After that you dive along a steep sloping sand area. Unlike to Puerto del Carmen the sand here appears in bright white. This is a marvelous contrast to the Atlantic blue!

As the picture shows the lava formations are especially distinctive at this site.

This area is known for mantas, sunfish and hammerhead sharks.


It is a first class and deep dive up to 40 meters along the reef with a lot of groupers, tunas and stingrays.

Playa Chica

Often mentioned! Here, where two lava tongues move into the Ocean, is an ideal dive site for Discover Scuba Diving and training. Very much fish like goldlins, monk perches, neon reef perches and with some luck in a depth of 5 meters angel sharks and rays. On your way back from cathedral, plague or gamba cave you use this place for a security stop.

Playa Flamingo

It is a beautiful dive site in the south of Lanzarote and very easy to dive. It is well known for its swarm fish. Right after descending barracudas, goldlins and breams can be found in enormous swarms. Quite often butterfly rays and angel sharks lie dugged in the sand. Don`t miss a sight into the blue – turtles are not uncommon. The maximum depth is about 18 meters.

Old Wrecks

It is a dive site where you can gaze at six wrecks in a depth between 20 and 40 meters. Among others there is a steely fisher boat which can be dived by wreck divers. Below there is a ship graveyard with five other mostly wooden wrecks. The prospects are good to see tunas and large stingrays.

Richies Place

The dive starts like several others at Playa Chica. You dive along a wall up to 30 meters depth. Above the plague you can find two beautiful coral trees. Swarm fish like sardines together with predatory fish (like barracudas and bonitos) can be met here at every time. Before we start diving we will tell you the story belonging to the plague.


Just north of Richie’s place there is a hidden dive site where you can find red corals, too. Furthermore this place captivates with a large amount of several morays. Stingrays sleep in small caves and groupers patrol along the reef. The maximum depth is about 40 meters.

Underwater museum

At a depth of between 12 and 15 metres, around 300 artistically designed figures made of pH-neutral concrete can be admired at this unique dive site.