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Open Water Diver


i.a.c. Open Water Diver

For sure you have asked yourself already what can be found below the water surface. Why don’t you find out for yourself? This course is your start into the underwater world!

During the i.a.c. Open Water Diver training you will learn the foundations of scuba diving. You will start your training in the swimming pool or comparable confined water site. This is followed by training in open water in the ocean or lake nearby. At all times, you will be provided the necessary background information in time to the actual training.



• proof of personal swimming skills

• a valid medical statement of fitness for diving

• be at least 14 years old


Theoretical training:

• Dive equipment

• Diving physics

• Dive tables and computers

• Dive medecine

• First aid, CPR

• Diving environment


Practical training (Pool and open water):

• Assembly of the diving equipment

• Submerging and surfacing

• Buoyancy

• Pressure equalization

• Mask clearing

• Diving regulator recovery

• And much more …

Advanced Adventure Diver


i.a.c. Advanced Adventure Diver

Discover, try out and experience the variety of diving. The i.a.c. advanced adventurer course improves your diving skills and helps you build self-confidence. At the same time it enables you to improve your already existing knowledge and skills.

During the advanced adventurer program you will have the chance to discover several underwater specialties.

Improve your orientation under water, train towards perfect buoyancy, experience night diving or get to know many other areas like wreck, drift or sidemount diving. If you enjoy a particular area, you can choose to register for a complete diving specialty course and with that take a big step towards your advanced open water diving certification. Please feel free to just contact your local diving center or diving instructor.



  • i.a.c. Open Water Diver certification (or an equivalent certification from a recognized training organization)
  • be at least 12 years old (Junior Advanced Adventure Diver)


Training Content:

  • 5 adventure dives incl. Introduction into/briefing for the particular underwater specialty


You will complete 5 adventure dives together with your diving instructor. Each dive covers a different specialty area which you will choose in advance. In order to get a good impression of each particular area, you will be given a detailed briefing to understand the corresponding background knowledge.

Advanced Open Water Diver / AOWD

Educate yourself and experience new areas in diving. While the i.a.c. Open Water Diver course was self-centered, the AOWD course focuses on diving skills. You are doing 3 special courses. (Orientation, deep diver and 1 more of your choice!) The skills learned make diving even safer and more interesting and bring you one step closer to i.a.c. Master Diver.


  • Open Water Diver or CMAS * certification
  • be at least 15 years old


Theoretical and practical training:

  • orientation
  • deep diver
  • 1 more to choose

Master Diver

The Master Diver course is an exiting challenge. You will expand your knowledge and experience. The main focus of the course is already set on fellow divers. Master divers learn to care beyond their own experience for the safety and well-being of others. While this course poses a little bit of a personal challenge it also rewards you with reaching increased self-confidence.


  • Advanced Open Water Diver certification 
  • be at least 16 years old 
  • a valid medical statement of fitness for diving
  • have at least 50 logged dives


Theoretical and practical training:

  • diving safety and rescue specialty
  • night diving specialty
  • additional specialties are recommended
  • consolidation of the skills and knowledge attained

Dive Leader

The Dive Leader level is the highest in recreational diving and the steppingstone towards becoming a diving instructor. As certified Dive Leader you are qualified to dive with beginners. As such you do take a considerable amount of responsibility and act as link between the diving instructor and the student.


  • Master Diver or CMAS** certification 
  • be at least 18 years old
  • a valid medical statement of fitness for diving
  • have 65 logged dives of which at least 10 have to be up to depth of 30 m to 40 m
  • deep diving specialty
  • diving security and rescue specialty
  • night diving specialty
  • first aid or CPR/O2/AED certification


Theoretical training:

  • Repetition/consolidation of the CMAS** or Master Diver knowledge
  • Relevant diving laws and regulations
  • Diving equipment
  • Physics of diving
  • Diving medicine
  • Psychological aspects of diving
  • Dive planning and management
  • Assessment of the environmental/situational conditions
  • Diving with inexperienced divers
  • Environment/nature


Practical training:

  • 60 sec. breath hold (static), 45 m distance diving (dynamic), 10 m deep dive (CWT)
  • Snorkeling for 60 min covering a distance of at least 1500 m
  • Snorkeling a distance of 150 m followed by a dive to a depth of 7,5 m to a waiting scuba diver which needs to be transported (lifted) to the surface
  • Secure (tying) a rope in 5m depth
  • Group management with beginners
  • Speed controlled ascent without fins
  • Safe completion of a dive with one’s octopus used by a second diver
  • Set and recovery of a Boje
  • Diving a defined compass course
  • Night diving
  • First aid in conjunction with accidents on water